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Raising kids is a challenge. They test boundaries, make mistakes and go through different stages. They may have had some particular challenges thrown their way, and they need some help and support. As parents, caregivers and educators, we want to help them through these learning experiences and prepare them for life as an adult.

Books for Young Minds is a specialist children’s bookshop, based in Australia. We sell fun kids books with a purpose – they are story books that help kids with life challenges and feelings.

On our “Shop” page you will be able to easily navigate different categories of life lessons for kids. We know the titles and content of different books so we can easily recommend books to you. We have access to books from a wide range of Australian and international publishers.

​Have a browse through the pages of our website for a book for your child, your grandchildren, nieces or nephews, as a gift or as an educational resource for children you work with.

Books for Young Minds is a family owned small business based in Perth, Western Australia. The person steering the ship is Mum (Linda), with two young children.

The business was created after personally experiencing the difficulties of finding specific children’s books in order to complete a children’s mindfulness course by Goldie Hawn called MindUp. It is a terrific course (I bought the curriculum workbook), easily undertaken by yourself with your child. I had to buy the book from America, and some of the picture books featured in the course, I purchased from America too.

I’ve also had an interest in buying books about children in other countries for my kids, and many of these came from overseas. I felt frustrated with having to order the books from overseas and I felt that these kinds of books should be more easily found in Australia. One thing led to another and I wanted more books to teach my son (this was before my second child was born) about feelings and emotions. We had the Trace Moroney “When I’m Feeling…” series but I wanted to find more books.

Then I found “The Hermit and the Well” by Thich Nhat Hanh in a small shop in Subiaco (Perth) just by chance. I remember thinking that this is exactly the kind of book I want to buy for my son. It is a story about a young boy who finds the secret to his own happiness. Other books in my collection were the UNICEF book “A Life like Mine – How children live around the world”, “Wish – Wishing Traditions Around the World” by Roseanne Thong, “Buddha at Bedtime – Tales of love and wisdom for you to read with your child to enchant, enlighten and inspire” by Dharmachari Nagaraja, “Listen to the Wind – The story of Dr Greg and three cups of tea” by Greg Mortenson and Susan L Roth, and “Be My Neighbor” by Maya Ajmera and John D Ivanko.

So the business was created to make helpful picture books with a purpose more easily available for children that help them learn things about other children, life in other places in the world, help them with feelings, life challenges, values, and different developmental stages.

Over time, I hope to add more categories and lots more books! I’m also hoping to add some therapeutic goods for children, to complement the books I have. If you want to stay in touch and learn what’s new, please subscribe to our newsletter and connect via social media (in the top left hand corner of the page).


Our children are growing up in a different time from when we did. There are more challenges than ever. Many have pressures on them from directions we never had.

The books we sell can help kids navigate their way through these challenges and difficult periods.

We focus on feelings and life lessons. We also include books to help children through different life stages, family challenges, sickness, death, protective behaviours and safety.

We have books on toilet/potty training, language development, nursery rhymes, a new sibling and others.

Our books address feelings like love, anger, and grief and loss. They address life lessons like sharing, consequences, and friendship.


Parents don’t always know what to say to their children to help them overcome a challenge. Some parents don’t say anything at all, for fear of saying the wrong thing. Picture books empower parents with the right words to say. They help start the conversation. Similarly, picture books help school teachers and other professionals that work with children, help convey the messages, lessons or help they are trying to give children.


We provide the best solution to you as we have the only online children’s bookshop dedicated to feelings and life stages in Australia. We have tirelessly researched and trawled through publisher’s websites and catalogues to find the books on difficult and hard-to-find topics for parents. We continue to look for more books on these subjects including new releases.


We have taken the hard work away from you by finding the hard-to-find books, saving you time. All our books are categorised, making it easy to find the topic, life lesson, or feeling you are after.

We can help you find the right book for your child because we have read the books we have, and we listen to what you say your child’s needs are. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We provide excellent customer service.


Books for Young Minds is a go-to online bookshop where parents and caregivers marvel at the books available that help children with life lessons and different stages. We are focused on bringing books to you that help you solve a child’s need.


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