Growing Readers

How to establish a reading routine with your child to set them up for success

Imagine a child who loves reading stories, whether they struggle with reading or not.

Create a bond between you and your child.

Set your child up for success.

Is this 8 week course for you?

Have you heard that reading to your child is beneficial but not been committed to it?

Have you struggled to get yourself into a reading routine with your child, and you feel like you’re letting them down?

Have you wondered how exactly will reading to your young child help them later on in life? Surely school does that…

You are not alone

According to Scholastic Australia’s Kids & Family Reading Report, 26% of parents started reading to their baby before they were 3 months old.

60% of parents started reading books aloud before their baby turned 1.

Many parents miss out on the valuable advice of reading aloud to their babies and young children regularly and consistently.

Of children aged 6 to 8 whose parents had stopped reading to them, 51% did not want their parents to stop. As you can see many parents have stopped reading aloud to their children once they’ve started school.

Yes, I need to read aloud to my child. How can I do this regularly?

As parents we lead busy lives. Many of us work full-time or part-time. Some of us are single parents. Some of us are grandparents caring for grandchildren. Throw in other daily life challenges and commitments like long term illnesses, disability, looking after family members, study, sports and all sort of others, and therefore we have to start prioritising.

Growing Readers is tool to help you get on track. To get into a routine you need to keep doing the same activity regularly. Once you have subscribed, you will receive 8 emails, delivered once a week to your inbox to help you be committed to reading aloud to your child regularly.

What can I get out of this course?

By the end of this course you will have established a new routine which has the added benefits of:

  1. Exposing your child to more books and different kinds of books
  2. Grow your child’s interest and value of books
  3. Help your child be successful in life by establishing early on, an interest in reading and an appreciation of books

What’s in this short email course?

Week 1
The benefits of reading. How long will it take to establish a regular routine? When is the best time to read to my child?

Week 2
Settling your child. What kinds of books should I read? There is an age guide. How many books should I read? Reading Tip.

Week 3
Seeing and touching the book. Start reading to your baby even though they can’t talk. Let your child see and touch the book. Reading Tip

Week 4
Time and comprehension. Give your child time to look at the pictures. Talk about the story afterwards.

Week 5
Basic language skills. Encourage your child to look at books by themselves. Books help kids develop basic language skills. 10 reasons that reading to your child is worthwhile.

Week 6
The research. What do the experts say about reading to children? Links to the research.

Week 7
Ways to make reading really fun. This week we go over everything available in your local community to get your child enthusiastic. You’ll be surprised about just how much is out there!

Week 8
Final tips. Different kinds of books and free books.

If you struggle with accountability, I am here to help.

This is an opportunity for you to get on track and grow your child’s love of reading! Your decision to be involved in your child’s reading has a BIG IMPACT on them!

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Reading regularly has changed my son’s life

I started reading to my son when he was a baby. Eventually we had a regular reading routine at bedtime. He loves books. He liked looking at the pictures and turning the pages, and yes, he chewed the edges of a few board books too. Books helped him learn the English language. Back then, I had no idea that he would have trouble with English at school: with reading, forming letters, pencil grip, comprehension, spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing paragraphs.

The things consistent throughout all this time, and from a very young age, is that he has loved the stories in books, and I have continued to consistently read aloud to him. He has had and continues to have help with the areas in English that he is weak in, and he continues to put in extra effort for which I am very proud of him. He is primary school aged, and he LOVES books! He likes being read to at bedtime, and I continue to do that. He can now read by himself and he does this too.

It is important to start reading aloud while your children are young. You may not know how they will develop, but you can give them the best chance of being successful through reading books.

Long term benefits of regular reading to your child

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