Don’t you sometimes wish that parenting came with some kind of handbook? It is a gig fraught with it’s ups and downs but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Parenting brings so many rewards. I personally get great joy from watching my children conquer certain milestones, overcoming challenges and seeing them pass through different stages. And doesn’t time fly by so quickly!!!

Each child is different and we are all individuals, child or adult. We all have a different set of genes and life experiences, so no two people are alike (except for twins who would be more alike that the rest of us!). But we do have a lot in common with other parents, helping our children through different challenges in life.

Some challenges could be emotional, and some behavioural. When we know we need some other tools in our toolbox to help our children, where do we turn? Something that has been used for generations is children’s books (and there are awesome children’s book authors out there!).

Some behaviour can be tracked back to feelings the child has about something. It could be
anxiety, disappointment or anger for example. You may have tried to seek help from professionals but there are sometimes wait times. In the meantime, there are a couple of things you can try.

The first is to use picture books. There are some very talented children’s book authors who really hit the nail on the head. They are either an expert in their field or they are a parent themselves. Sometimes they are both! Some books even include some humour as well. Here’s a few to consider:

For anxiety: The Huge Bag of Worries
For disappointment: The Disappointment Dragon
For anger: Where The Wild Things Are
For fear: A Book About Scary
For emotional regulation: How to be a Superhero called Self-Control!

The second is essential oils. Essential oils are a natural alternative. Use pure essential oils dilute them with fractionated coconut oil. Try using a roller bottle to roll onto your child, or a diffuser. Try different blends or a single essential oil. Different blends can help with different emotions.

What self -help strategies have you tried?