30 Days of Sex Talks (ages 3 to 7)



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Written by parents and reviewed by professionals, the 30 Days of Sex Talks program makes it simple for you and your child to talk about sex in the context in which it belongs; as part of a healthy relationship that also includes joy, laughter and the full range of emotion that defines human intimacy.


We’ve made it easy to engage your child in vital conversations about relationships, affection, anatomy, respecting others, romantic love, and online dangers. We have also included dialogues on important topics such as boundaries, ’my body belongs to me,’ ’how to say ‘no,’’ and predators. Using the numerous questions and conversation starters we have provided, you can launch these essential talks with your child and interject your personal thoughts, feelings and cultural beliefs.


These meaningful discussions are essential—and we’ve made them easy! This book also contains downloadable, bonus content. Included with this book is a code that will allow you to download topic cards which can be printed and placed in strategic locations, such as a mirror, refrigerator or in your pocket, to remind you and your child to start talking!


Even from an early age (as soon as your child can use a cell phone or tablet), your child can easily come across messages from media or online sources that are incomplete, misleading or even dangerous. This is why it is vital for you to establish yourself as the first, best source of information for your child when it comes to topics relating to intimacy. You know and love your child better than anyone, so you will know which topics to start with and which to save for later.


Remember that having these talks with your child will establish a pattern of healthy conversations for the future. As you move through the discussions, you will feel your confidence grow, your interactions will gain depth and your child will be more receptive to your attention. These will result in a much strengthened relationship. Your goal is that your child will feel comfortable talking to you about anything as he or she grows into the healthy, knowledgeable person he or she will become.


Note from Books for Young Minds: This is not a picture book. This book is for parents to use to guide a conversation between you and your child about protective behaviours topics.

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