Cat Spies Mouse



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‘Cat Spies Mouse’ is a fun and interactive story about an arrogant and impatient cat who comes head-to-head with a humble and patient mouse.

Mouse, although small, is a game-changer who asks big questions. With each of her thought-provoking questions, Mouse is taking small but powerful steps to make the world a better place!

Fun and entertaining illustrations from Dave Atze provide additional depth and cheeky humour to this simple story with a big message.

“Cat Spies Mouse is a fun and funny picture book that subtly teaches kids about tolerance, respect and challenging stereotypes. With a laugh-out-loud ending, a healthy dose of grossness, entertaining characters and engaging illustrations, kids will love it.” – Kids Book Review, Shaye Wardrop

Author: Rina Foti

ISBN: 9781925675344

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