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A beautifully presented, padded book that contains a wonderfully warm story about the love between parents and their children, featuring adorable animal characters.

ISBN: 9781743673195

For ages 3 and over

Benefits of reading a picture story book to a child on feelings:

Many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings and how to express emotions. Reading a picture story book focused on feelings helps children understand what feelings are, in relation to themselves and others.

Our book review

Here is one book that many Fathers and young children will enjoy together.

This is the story of a little elephant and his dad, in the jungle together, amongst all the other jungle animals. Little Elephant thinks his Daddy is the best Daddy ever. This is because of the adventures they have together, and the food they find together. They play together, and Daddy picks him up when he tumbles. Bath time in the jungle lagoon is fun, and Daddy doesn’t min

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