Hogs Hate Hugs!



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Little Hog Hates Hugs! Can his friends persuade him that hugs are great?

Little Hog is the cutest, cuddliest hog in the whole forest, and EVERYONE wants to hug him! But Little Hog doesn’t like hugs – he’s far too old for that. He makes a poster telling everyone: “Hogs Hate Hugs!” and storms off – so his friends have to come up with an ingenious way of making him realise that “You can never be too old for a good hug!” With adorable and lively illustrations packed with character, this picture book is fantastic for parents and children to share together, emphasising the importance of love and affection with those who are close to you.

ISBN: 9780745965147

Author: Tiziana Bendall-Brunello

Ages: 3 to 5

Benefits of reading a picture story book to a child on life lessons:

Helps reinforce that we all make choices that we learn from to develop life skills.

Benefits of reading a picture story book to a child on feelings:

Many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings and how to express emotions. Reading a picture story book focused on feelings helps children understand what feelings are, in relations to themselves and others.

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