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The sea, mist, loud noises… Ivan’s afraid of everything! And with all those frights and shivers, his dreams of having great adventures and visiting faraway places seem more and more unlikely. But could an unexpected visitor help him overcome his deepest fears? Could an old African song change his life forever?

Ivan’s Fear is an inspiring tale about the bravery we need in order to live our lives with joy and happiness. It is a journey to the very center of our hearts, which will give us the courage and bravery to face up to any obstacle that stands in our way.

ISBN: 9788415784289

Author: Ariel Andres Almada

Age range 5 & up

Benefits of reading a picture story book to a child on life lessons:

Helps reinforce that we all make choices that we learn from to develop life skills.

Benefits of reading a picture story book to a child on feelings:

Many of us find it difficult to talk about our feelings and how to express emotions. Reading a picture story book focused on feelings helps children understand what feelings are, in relation to themselves and others.

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