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The story of a troubled little boy who faces up to his bully – and wins.

From the bestselling team behind Mum and Dad Glue comes an important story to help raise awareness at home or at school about stopping bullying.

A little boy is feeling sad because every day he has to face a bully. But this story’s little boy also has friends. A frog, a cat, a rabbit, a cow, and other animal friends insist on helping him, even after he tells them: “There’s nothing you can do for me. There’s nothing you can say.”

Fortunately, he is mistaken, because the next time the bully approaches, they all join with him and shout, “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” And it works! The bully turns around and goes away. The gently clever use of rhyming verse gives a difficult subject a wonderfully light touch. A must-have for any child who has to deal with bullies.

Author: Kes Gray

ISBN: 9781444900156

For ages 4 to 7

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