Love is Like a Tree

by Shona Innes


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Love is Like a Tree is for children and parents who are managing life in a separated family.

Love is a special and growing thing.

It is a little bit like a tree – a special magical tree – that you can climb up into, nest comfortably in its big branches, and safely watch the world go by.

Love can come in different shapes and sizes.

Like a tree, love can grow and grow….

The Big Hug series deals with emotive issues that children face in direct and gentle terms, allowing children’s feelings and problems to be more easily shared and discussed with family and friends.

Author Shona Innes is a qualified clinical and forensic psychologist with many years of experience assisting children in times of trouble.

Author: Shona Innes

ISBN: 9781760066321

For ages: 4 to 7

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