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Luka lives beside the deep silvery sea. He longs to splash in the surf and dive beneath the waves, but he can’t swim. One day, Luka sees a girl gliding through the waves. He has never seen anyone swim so well. When her father helps her out of the sea and into her wheelchair, Luka barely notices it; all he sees is the light of her smile and the power of the sea in her eyes.

Sylvia teaches Luka how to swim, and that night, Luka dreams that Sylvia is a mermaid. From then on Luka knows that Sylvia is magical, and that they will have lots of adventures together.

A beautiful picture book that children will treasure. An enchanting picture book about friendship by CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell and author of SNOWFLAKES.

Author: Cerrie Burnell

ISBN: 9781407135038

Ages: 3 and over

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