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Mummy’s going away – but she’ll be back very soon…

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher MacGregor and based on his own experiences of going away from home, this comforting, wise book helps to explain why parents sometimes have to go away and shows ways to help children cope.

Filled with love, and the warm, witty illustrations of rising star Emma Yarlett, this book is a soothing read-aloud with lots to explore in the pictures, and a rhythmic rhyme which is an instant bedtime hug.

Author: Christopher MacGregor

ISBN: 9780552567275

For ages 3 and up

Our book review

Many families have a parent who works away. It may be regular or adhoc, every weekend, every week or other kinds of situations. Young children may not understand why and have questions. Mummy’s Home and My Daddy’s Going Away are two great books to help with feelings and all the questions for when a parent is working away.

These books are glossy paperbacks and help children understand their feelings. That it is ok to miss Mummy/Daddy and that you feel love for them.

In Mummy’s Home, you can feel the family misses Mummy very much. The children fill a jar with jelly beans and eat one every day to understand how long Mummy has been away for. The story also covers keeping in touch with Mummy – emails, letters and Skype-like programs. This book is full of lots of love and how the family expresses it, and what to do when you feel sad because you miss Mummy. Lastly it shows the fun and the things the children do with Mummy.

My Daddy’s Going Away starts with a foreword written by HRH The Prince of Wales. It starts with what the children will miss about Daddy, and about packing bags. It shows how the children communicate with their Daddy while he’s away – films, parcels, chatting (via Skype or similar). When the children feel sad because they miss Daddy, they talk to Mummy about it. The children count down days on a calendar and talk about what they will do when Daddy comes home.

In both books, the illustrations convey the excitement by the family when their missing family member arrives home, and equally, the illustrations show the sadness when missing the family member too. The stories are told in rhyme and are suitable for ages 3 and up.

Both books come recommended by Books for Young Minds to help children with feelings. Watch the video with the Author, Christopher MacGregor below.

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