Really and Truly: A story about dementia

by Emile Rivard


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When Charlie’s beloved grandfather develops dementia, Charlie finds a new way to communicate with him. This moving story gives children a way discuss this tragic disease when it affects one of their relatives.

This simple picture book explores the relationship between Charlie and his grandfather who has developed Alzheimer’s and dementia. Charlie used to love his grandfather’s stories but now Grandpa has changed and he doesn’t tell them anymore. But Charlie still remembers the stories and he has a great idea – he can tell them back to Grandpa. And, just occasionally, he can make Grandpa smile.

This book doesn’t give you lots of background information about Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia or offer any hope that Grandpa will get better but it gives a child whose grandparent suffers from dementia a way into discussing the changes that are taking place and how they might deal with these. It also offers a moving insight into the loving relationship between grandparent and grandchild, which transcends the difficulties of this tragic disease.

Author: Emile Rivard
ISBN: 9781445119410



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ISBN: 9781445119410


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