The Internet is like a Puddle



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  1. Linda (store manager)

    I was having difficulty sourcing this book and was lucky enough to find it on here. There is a great selection of books to choose from for exactly what I need in my profession. The customer service was incredible. I will certainly be purchasing from here again 🙂

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The Big Hug books grew out of letters sent to children and their families after their psychology sessions. Each book has its origins in a real need for a real child with a real problem and offers real strategies from a real psychologist. The heart-felt illustrations and simple words aim to simplify tricky situations and soothe strong emotions. The books aim to give children, and the people who care for them, a way to talk about problems.

The Internet is Like a Puddle attends to the wonderful aspects of electronic communication as well as gently discusses some of the possible pitfalls of sharing, chatting and using data. There is a need to be mindful of those who are naive to the potential problems without denying them the wonderful opportunities. The Internet is Like a Puddle describes ways to stay safe and enjoy learning and chatting time on the Internet and to keep life balanced.

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Author: Shona Innes

ISBN: 9781760064167

​Ages: 6 to 12

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ISBN: 9781760064167


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