by Erin Frankel


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Luisa is repeatedly teased and called weird by her classmate Sam, even though she is simply being herself: laughing with her friends, answering questions in class, greeting her father in Spanish, and wearing her favourite polka dot boots. Luisa initially reacts to the bullying by withdrawing and hiding her colourful nature. But with the support of her teachers, parents, classmates, and one special friend named Jayla, she is able to reclaim her colour and resist Sam’s put-downs.

The three books in the Weird series tell the story of an ongoing case of kids bullying from three third graders’ perspectives. The books may be read separately or as a set: readers will enjoy tracking small details that carry over from one book to another. These books on bullying each conclude with activity club pages for kids, as well as information to help parents, teachers, counsellors, and other adults reinforce the books messages and foster dialogue with children.

Author: Erin Frankel

ISBN: 9781575423982

For ages: 5 to 9 years

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