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A detailed look at the concept of consent, how it works, and why it matters.

What is consent? Why does it matter? How does it affect our daily lives? Why is it such a grey area, sometimes?

​The concept of consent is easy to oversimplify – yes means yes, and no means no. Often, though, it isn’t that black and white.

​Have you ever said ‘yes’ to something when, really, you wanted to say ‘no’? Or have you ever tried to convince someone to do something they don’t want to?

​What is Consent? explores how consent works, and why it matters. It explains how consent plays a part in almost every interaction or relationship we have, and how it affects almost every area of life, from healthcare to the law. The book encourages children to think about what consent means to them, and about the importance of personal boundaries – both knowing your own, and respecting other people’s. It talks about how to say no, and what to do if you feel your consent has been violated.

The book also includes contributions from people such as David Bartlett, chief executive of the White Ribbon campaign, and Zara Todd, a youth worker and activist, about what consent means to them.

Broad and far-reaching, and simultaenously gentle and accessible, this is an important book, vital for giving young readers the necessary understanding to build and develop healthy relationships.

Author: Louise Spilsbury and Yas Necati

ISBN: 9781526300911

​For ages: 9 and over

Note from Books for Young Minds

This book covers the following topics:

Introducing consent

How the book works

What is consent?

Words to do with consent

My views on consent – Yas Necati

Personal boundaries

How about if you don’t want a hug from a friend?

My views on consent – Louise Spilsbury

Why is the issue of consent important?

How can consent empower us?

Recognising consent

Reading the signs

My views on consent – David Bartlett

What has gender got to do with consent?

What if a boy has his consent breached?

Your body, your choice

How to say no

Changing your mind

Consent is not for ever or for everything

Consent and disability

My views on consent – Zara Todd

Our personal boundaries and disability

Why are people’s ideas about personal space different?

Under pressure

Being aware of your own pressure

My views on consent – Alice Pinney

On the role of social media

On sharing online content

Types of consent – online, sexual, medical

My views on consent – Hibo Wardere

What has FGM got to do with consent?

Consent and the law

My views on consent – Jack Fletcher

What if I didn’t consent?

Dealing with abuse

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