Your Mind is Like a Garden

by Shona Innes

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  1. Linda (store manager)

    Beautiful story and fantastic illustrations.

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Learning to be more mindful, to pay attention to how we feel in a given moment and to the thoughts, feelings and sensations in our body is very beneficial. Mindfulness, if mastered, can help us re-boot when we are overwhelmed, to be able to focus and flow from one task to another and allows us to interact more compassionately with others.

Our mind is like a garden

It has clever parts that help us to grow and learn

It has places where we can create and have fun

It has places to keep and remember things…..

The Big Hug series deals with emotive issues that children face in direct and gentle terms, allowing children’s feelings and problems to be more easily shared and discussed with family and friends.

Author Shona Innes is a qualified clinical and forensic psychologist with many years experience assisting children in times of trouble.

Author: Shona Innes

ISBN: 9781760406257

For ages: 4 to 7

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