What is a wishlist?

It is the perfect place to store lists of books and products to remind yourself of later. Some example lists are
Graduation Gifts, Books for the Library, Birthday Gifts, Emotions Books, Teacher Gifts, Christmas Gifts and Persuasive Texts etc. You can create your own lists and label them anything you wish them to be. They are unique to you.

How to create wishlists

  • As you browser our website, you may start to see books you’d like to remember later. At this point it is recommended thatyou create a free account with us. If you are a member of the public, create a “Parent” account. If
    you are a professional who works with children, create an “Education” account.
  • Continue browsing the online bookshop. You will see a green “Add to Wishlist” button on each product, beside the cover image, which you can click to add books to your wishlists.
  • You can share a wishlist with your friends, family and/or colleagues by using the email function in your wishlist account. Please note, the wishlist must be “public” for this option to be available.
  • You must be logged in, to add items to your wishlist.

Create a new account

Choose to create either a “Parent” account or an “Educator” account.